The selection of players for tournaments is a process undertaken by a coaching panel: the coach of the team and another NFO representative.

There are two ways a player can be selected:

  • The selectors use prior knowledge of the players through previous tournaments and rostered games.
  • Trials are held to ensure all players have a chance to be considered.

The selection panel then use their judgement of the players' skills and attitude, and what the player can contribute to the team. The contribution might be as a specialty player such as a keeper or to balance the skills of the team.

Team selection is a challenging process for all involved. The selectors do their best to ensure a fair process and to put together a competitive team in which players are at a standard to participate at an appropriate level.

Players will be notified by email. If parents or players have questions about this process we ask that the first contact be the coach of the team. It is not the task of other players or their parents to justify their selection.

If players are not selected for a particular competition there are further opportunities throughout the year such as:

  • State tournaments in Hobart.
  • National Championships in Sydney in January
  • Ballarat Regionals
  • National School Titles in Brisbane in September
  • North West School Titles in Devonport
  • Academy Program
  • Development Program

Northern Futsal's participation in tournaments is growing and as more players and coaches become available there will be possibilities to attend more tournaments and for more age groups to be included.