These rules are a brief summary of the rules laid down by the Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) with some additions for our local competition.

  · A copy of the complete FIFA rules is available here >> FIFA Futsal Rules
  · The rules below can be downloaded here >> Northern Futsal Rules
  · For more information about the rules, please speak with Rudy or use the 'Contact' link above.

Prior to Play

  1. All players must be registered
  2. Weekly team fees must have been paid
  3. Shin pads are compulsory
  4. Shoes must be soft-soled non-marking sports shoes
  5. At least three registered players are required for the game to commence
  6. Fill-ins must be registered with Northern Futsal
  7. Fill-ins must be noted to the referee PRIOR to kick off
  8. Fill-ins may not be used once 5 registered players for that team take to the court (unless player injuries result in no further participation)
  9. “Peaked” hats and beanies must not be worn during game
  10. Watches must be removed prior to game

Rules of the game

  1. Futsal is played on a rectangular court. The two long lines are called touchlines and the two short lines are called goal lines
  2. Teams consist of 5 players on the court and a maximum of 7 substitutes
  3. Substitutions are unlimited in number and are “flying substitutions” which means the referee doesn’t need to be notified however you must tell the referee when changing goalkeepers
  4. The game begins with a kick-off, it must be played forward
  5. A goal cannot be scored direct from the kick-off.
  6. There is no offside
  7. The ball is out when the entire ball passes over the line
  8. Sideline kick-ins – The ball can be placed, one ball width behind the line and kicked to another player. The ball must be stationary and taken within 4 seconds, a goal cannot be scored directly from a side line kick in
  9. Some part of both feet must be outside the court or on the line when a side line kick-in is being taken, kick can be taken anywhere behind where the ball left play, but no further up the line
  10. The goalkeeper throws the ball in instead of a goal kick
  11. After a save the goalkeeper may throw the ball or may drop the ball, then dribble it. He/she has 4 seconds to pass the ball or cross the half way line
  12. The goalkeeper may not throw the ball more than two thirds of the court on the full (does not apply to division 1 and 2 in both men’s and mixed)
  13. Player's taking a side ball may call 5m. If the opposition players are not 5m from the ball, the referee will blow the whistle to stop play and ask the opposition player to move away the required distance. When the required distance is met, the referee will re-start play by either blowing the whistle or verbally asking the player to play on. If the opponent has deliberately moved into the 5m space, a yellow card will be shown to the offending player.
  14. On court players are NOT ALLOWED to slide tackle or slide block under ANY circumstances. If infringement occurs a DIRECT free kick will be awarded
  15. Players may not play the ball while lying on the court, an INDIRECT free kick will be awarded, if the infringement occurs in the goalies’ circle, the free kick will be taken 1 metre outside the circle
  16. Goals cannot be scored directly from a sideline ball
  17. If the ball hits the ceiling the opposing team takes a kick-in from the side at the closest point to where the touch occurred
  18. After 5 fouls, each further foul will result in a free kick from the second penalty spot, which is 10 metres out from the goal line, the keeper may stand off his line for this penalty  
  19. From a goal kick, the ball must go outside the keeper's area before being touched by another team member. If the ball is touched inside the keeper's area by the keeper’s team mate, an INDIRECT free kick will be awarded to the opposition.
  20. There is a 4 second time limit on kick-ins, corners and free kicks, the 4 second count will commence when the ref makes the call
  21. A goal can be scored directly from a corner kick.
  22. Audible foul language will not be tolerated. If a player swears they will be verbally cautioned, if swearing is repeated a yellow card will be issued
  23. Kicking or tripping an opponent will be awarded a DIRECT free kick to the opposing team
  24. Players shall NOT BE ALLOWED to shepherd an opposing player from getting the ball
  25. When 2 or more players are jumping for the ball, no hands shall be placed in the back or on the shoulders, this will result in a DIRECT free kick
  26. High foot or dangerous play will result in an INDIRECT free kick being awarded
  27. Goalkeepers are allowed to slide out with their feet, the slide can continue outside the box as long as the slide commenced inside the box. However, if the referee deems the slide to be dangerous, a DIRECT free kick will be awarded 
  28. Referees ALWAYS have the final say in ALL match decisions. Please accept those decisions and respect our officials and the sometimes difficult work they do. Referees and Centre Managers have the authority to eject unruly spectators.
  29. If you receive a red card during a match you will be suspended for a minimum of one week, regardless how many teams you play in.
  30. Opposition players must be 5 metres from the ball for side-line kick ins and corners. This will be ENFORCED by the referee.
  31. Yellow cards will be accumulated by players. Any player who receives 3 yellow cards will receive a suspension.

Additional Local Rules
As well as the rules above, Northern Futsal, has the following extra rules:

  1. Swearing is not tolerated
  2. In men’s comps, division 1 or 2 players who play in division 4 or lower can only score 2 goals per game

Forfeit Rules

Teams that forfeit a match after the accepted deadline (see below) will incur a $25 forfeit fee.

Launceston rosters will be published no later than Wednesday morning prior to the next round. Devonport rosters will be out no later than Thursday night prior to the next round.

  • Launceston forfeit deadline is 6.00pm on the Friday before the round of games
  • Devonport forfeit deadline is 6pm on the Saturday before the round of games

For more information about this rule, please contact us.